MR. FIX-IT Column

Randy's Column on the Male Perspective...

"Honey...maybe you should wear safety glasses when you are moving those agave around in the greenhouse." I promptly ignore this advice and proceed within a few minutes to stab myself in the upper eyelid with one of the long spines of the plant.

"It's a good idea to give yourself ten feet and tie yourself off at the anchor." Yes. It's a great idea. The last time I wrapped off a climb, I almost fell 40 feet to my death or injury after almost 14 years of climbing without incident. He's right to worry.

"There's a storm coming...clouds are coming in from the East and the Gulf" The cold weather is drawing in and winter is upon us.

"Your sweater creations remind me of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). They gave us wool sweaters when we arrived one year. They had cut the bottoms and sewn in an additional length of wool so that we could tuck them in our pants and keep us a little warmer. " Any outdoors person knows a chill wind up your back because your clothes are too short is a big problem.  While Randy reminds me I'd never be a good NOLS instructor because I can't find my way out of a box, I fancy I came up a notch for discovering this sweater alteration on my own, albeit for different reasons.

I was reading a recipe in a magazine recently and I said "Darn, now I can't make it. It uses a cake. Who ever heard of that?" Randy looked over at me and said, "It's OK honey, just substitute baking powder." He's truly a Renaissance Man.

"I haven't said anything interesting in a while..." said it, not me.


  1. Oh, Joy....I would expect you could get out of the box...that is if you really wanted to. Sometimes it is too comfy in those things!

  2. This is wonderful. So happy I stumbled upon this. I needed a little smile and giggle to brighten my day. You and Randy are a wonderful match. Don't worry about finding your way out of the's over-rated. I'm ready to crawl back in. :)