Kennecott Mill Site, Alaska

December 17 - 21, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia is very close to home. My brother and nephew come to visit from Alabama while we're in town to visit Randy's family. It's very good to see them. I also have lunch with my high school junior and senior prom date, Steven. He's wonderful and funny and apparently the only classmate who left our rural Alabama farm community. I find this fascinating. Why do they all stay?

January 2012
Bluff, Utah

Two of our friends are building a house in Bluff and we went over to check on their progress. It's a wonderful straw-bale design. They are hand stucco-ing the surface of both the interior and exterior spaces. The color palette will come from nature as well as texture.

We went on several hikes and pecked around finding rock art and searching for the oldest, controversial figure of a mastadon. We found one of two and also other fantastic panels.

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