Saturday, November 5, 2016

Checking Back In... ask yourself how three years could have elapsed and here you are. It happens.

The tremendous success of the store has kept me focused on business and how to run it. First, I was a person with a skill and then I became a boss, a manager, an artist and a buyer. There's so much to be said for what's happened. It's been great and I appreciate every last person who has crossed my thresh hold and provided me with an opportunity. Thank you!

I've learned that being successful means recognizing that you don't have all the answers, but you are willing to keep looking and trying and working at it. It's almost been 5 years since I opened my doors. I've learned that someone leaving and not finding something they like isn't personal (most days). I've learned to re-invent the store every three months or so and keep me and the perspective of what I do fresh. I've learned to stop and breathe when things get rough and I don't know the answer. I certainly don't have the solution when I'm in that frame of mind.

Boy do I live in a beautiful place and boy do I have a great partner in my husband, Randy.

So, maybe I'm ready to come back to the blog.

Thanks for listening.