Friday, January 13, 2012

Southeast Utah

Sometimes you just need a little trip...Randy and I visited my old home in southeast's country that will never leave my heart.

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  1. There is no love affair deeper than a person's connection to the place that first aroused their deep and very private joy in being. The knowledge that you can live that moment at any time goes with you, yet the mother of inspiration remains in its one unique place.

    So...I am in WV waiting for more sun and less snow and I often meditate on that country that will "never leave my heart" which for me is SW Utah. And sometime you do just need a little trip to feed your roots. When I was in SW UT last Joy gave me the beautiful gift of her art: a Sufi Tulip. I am sitting with it now, waiting for a WV spring, reminded each time I refer to her work of the many layers of connection that bring us together. Joy's art brings me home in so many ways!